First Day At The BFI Film Academy

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Hello! So today was my first day at the BFI Film Academy, and it was a lot of fun! I managed to make a few friends, but mostly through nervously laughing my way through conversations. When arriving, we were greeted by the owner of the studios, AND HE WAS SO LOVELY!

Overall, there was about 20 people in the course, even though I was expecting there to be about 50 of us, but I'm glad there are only a few people. Everyone on the course seems really nice and really interested in film, which is good considering this is a film course and we will be making films haha.  We got shown some of the equipment that we will be using for our shoot, including lights, sound equipment and cameras, and they were all so expensive I didn't want to touch any of them just in case my clumsy self broke them in some sort of freak accident that almost always happens when I am near anything expensive.

Here is some of the equipment that we will be using and one of the few spaces that we will be working in for our final shoot for our films.

An ARRI 5000 kilowatt light we used today for a lighting 
One of the studio rooms at Courtyard Studios
We all had a short film task to do n our lunch break (which was only 45 minutes) and we had to come up with a narrative that had a beginning, middle and an end, shoot it, and edit it AND have lunch all in the 45 minutes that we were given. It was difficult, it was a challenge, but it was so much fun, and I learnt so much in the 45 minutes as we hall had to make quick decisions under pressure, so it was a great exercise.

We will be switching between Maidstone Studios and Courtyard Studios for our lessons, and I'm really excited about going to real functioning film studios! I think we may also be paying a visit to Pinewood Studios as well as some sort of trip!

All in all, it has been a very fun and tiring day and I'm looking forward to the next eight weeks that I get to spend doing something I love! Hopefully I will keep you all updated every week!

Love, K :)

The BFI Film Academy

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

As some of you may know, I applied for a place at this years BFI Film Academy in the region of which I live, and am happy to say I'VE BEEN GIVEN A PLACE! I am so so so happy and cannot wait to start! Hopefully I will meet loads of lovely people, make new friends and have a great time learning and making a film!

   Some of my friends have applied too, but have not yet got confirmation if they have been accepted yet, but fingers crossed! It would be so lovely if there were my friends there and would make the experience so much better!

I'll keep you updated of the project and hopefully will post some pictures throughout the duration of the project!

Love, K 

Nivea Regenerating Night Cream & Garnier BB Cream | Beauty Review

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Hi all! Today I went for  little shop, and I didn't really expect to buy anything for myself, but then I found two beauty products that I needed to have! 

   The first one being Nivea Daily Essentials Regenerating Night Cream. Now, I was supposed to buy the Nivea Pure & Natural Night Cream as I borrowed some from a friend a few nights ago and it really worked! My skin felt beautifully soft in the morning and I really noticed a glow. 

   I went to the shops today and saw that it was £5.35, and I don't think I was prepared to spend that much on a small pot of moisturizer, but right next to it was the Nivea Daily Essentials Regenerating Night Cream and it was only £2! So I decided to go for the cheaper option and bought it. I haven't tried it out yet, but it has a lovely fragrance to it (so does the Pure & Natural moisturizer, that was one of the reasons why I wanted to buy it). 

Nivea Daily Essentials Regenerating Night Cream

   Maybe I could ask for the Pure & Natural Night Cream for Christmas?

Nivea Pure & Natural Regenerating Night Cream

   The second item that I bought was a BB Cream from Garnier. I really love Garnier products and have bought many before. Now, I already have this BB Cream, but was running low, so I decided to pick myself some more up, and guess what, it was on offer! This product is normally £10, but I managed to buy it for £6 at ASDA. It is the Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector 'Combination To Oily Skin' in the 'Light' colour. 

   Now, what I really love about this product is that it offers:
  • Anti-shine
  • Mattifying effect
  • Blurs pores and imperfections
  • Evens skin tone
  • Boosts healthy glow
  • Moisturises
   And most importantly...
  • UV Protection - SPF 20
   This BB Cream has so many things to offer and I have been using it for many years now and haven't even thought of switching to another brand or make.

   It also comes in three different shades/tones, Light, Medium and Dark and there are also ones that offer 'Combination To Oily Skin (like the one I have just bought) and also one for Ageing Skin.

   This is a very good product and I recommend that if you are looking for a BB Cream, this is the one to buy!

Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector 'Combination To Oily Skin

Love, K  

Merek Premiere

Friday, 14 November 2014

   Hi all! In the Summer of his year, I was very fortunate enough to be able to work on a film project again with Movie Squad at my school. The project acts as an integration process for year 6's going into year 7, whilst making a film at the same time.

   As two of my teachers founded Movie Squad (and I had helped them work on their first film the previous year) they thought it would be great to let me help out again, but it turned into something much more. The previous year we had filmed a short sci-fi movie called The Portal (video will be below) and I mostly helped out behind the scenes, which I enjoyed so much! We had a small premiere at my school's cinema and all of the children who took part were given a DVD.

   This years film, Merek, pushed the boundaries much further! We all worked for 2 weeks to complete the film, despite typical English weather of wind and rain for at least a week, stopping us from filming the necessary shots that we needed. All in all, the end process was phenomenal, and I am so proud of everyone who helped and took part, and I could not be happier to be part of something so great.

 I had roles both on-screen and off-screen in this film, and again enjoyed the experience so much! I wish I took pictures of the premiere, but I didn't have enough time as I was happily chatting away to all of the people who worked on the film.

   Here is the video for the 'Making Of' for Merek and Movie Squads previous film The Portal. I hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think!

'The Making Of Merek'

The Portal

Love, K 

An Introduction To Me - Video

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

   Hi all! I thought it would be a great idea to start a blog! I have a Youtube Channel already, so I was thinking, why not link the two together? I make my videos mostly on subjects that matter to me, such as films, reading/books, fashion, beauty and advice. Here is the first video for you all to see! I thought that, for my first ever video, it would be a great idea for people to get to know a little bit about me before watching other videos, so here you go! Please enjoy my first video, A LITTLE BIT ABOUT ME :)

Love, K 
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