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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year, and when I got home today after the BFI Film Academy, I came home to a house fully decorated in Christmas festiveness! Unfortunately, I did not decorate any of the tress in the pictures shown, because my Mum always does the Christmas tress :( But hopefully I will be able to persuade her next year to do a tree.

This year, my Mum decided to buy some holly from where she bought our Christmas tree, and she has decided to hang it up near our front door, and it looks so nice! The crappy picture that I took does not do it justice, but it gives a real nice festive feel as soon as you walk in the door!

This is my Mum's pride and glory! She spent a few hours decorating this tree and it has some lovely little ornaments on it! The themes of this tree is blue and silver (as it is quite obvious) to match with our kitchen/diner. This tree smells sooo good! I have always loved it when you step through the door and you sell the Christmas tree smell! That's what makes Christmas! This is the tree that we use to put presents under and the tree that we unwrap all of our lovely gifts on Christmas day!

Here is a close up of one of the decorations that is on he main Christmas tree! There are some really lovely decorations on this tree, and most of them are sparkly/glittery, which even though I love, I hate getting the sparkles on my hands and then it not being able to come off...

Now, he way that I have taken this picture makes the snowman look mahoosive, but he is only a mini 1 feet tall! I really like this light as it is super festive and the snowman is also really cute! My Auntie has a few of these in her shop window and her customers always comment on how lovely they are! This little snowman is placed in our living room/lounge, and we also have another Christmas tree in there too, which is in the next picture!

This is our second Christmas tree! It is located in out lounge and sadly is fake :( We don't put presents under this tree, but we have still made it look all lovely and festive! As you can probably see, the colour scheme that my mum has done, red and cream, matches our lounge. I'm quite sad that this tree isn't real, but they have become quite expensive for a nice one, bu we are all happy and lucky enough to have a Christmas tree, so that I am thankful for :)

Here is a bow that is on our second Christmas tree! My Mum made these a few years ago, so she is quite proud of them and likes to put them at the front of the tree so everyone can see them. 

Here is our wreath! Now, I really love wreaths, and we bought this one years and years ago, but my Mum has found a way to jazz it up a little bit! The original wreath that we used was a tiny little thing, but my Mum has used cuttings from the Christmas tree to fill the wreath out a little bit more to giv is some more shape and bushy-ness. This is a really good tip and makes your wreaths look and smell lovely!

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and I hope you all are as excited for Christmas as I am!

Love, K :)

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