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Friday, 19 December 2014

Hi guys! As some of you may already know, I have been working on a film project called Drifter for a while now with freinds and one of my teaches from school. I have uploaded the opening sequence for this film on both my blogger and on Youtube. You can find my blogger post about it here, or the Youtube video here :)

I thought that it would be a great idea for you to see some of the photos that were taken behind the scenes! All of the pictures here are not mine! They are either taken by Andrew Dean, (who's website you can find here and Instagram here), Lucie Potter (who's Instagram is here) and Shona Kinal (who's Instagram is here). They really have taken some amazing pictures and you should definitely check them out if you need a photographer for an event!
An 'In Footage' shot, captured by the Black Magic Cinema camera
As my character in the film has a bow (and I am an avid Archer anyhow) everyone wanted to have a go shooting from mine and my friends bows that we had brought along. The two week film shoot turned into something of an Archery school by the end of filming, and everyone got some cool pictures taken too, courtesy of Andrew, Shona and Lucie :)

I don't mean to sound 'big headed', but I lovethis ^ picture! Andrew took this picture and it has been used for posters that we have put up around school along with many other pictures that everyone took on the shoot. I was quite scared when this picture was being taken as Andrew had to come in quite close to the bow and stand right in front of it whilst I was drawing back, and I was trying so hard to keep a grip on my bow string and not to let go!

An 'In Footage' shot of Connor taken on a Nikon D610

This photo ^^^ is one of my favorites! I love how the sun is shining through Kerry, and the colorisation of it is just beautiful! This was taken on one of the first days of filming, and the weather had been horrible! But luckily, the weather had been in our favour this day!

This ^^^ is our director and teacher Bruce! We are supposed to call him Mr. Partleton, but everyone just calls him Bruce. He and his wife wrote the script for this film, even though we didn't really use or stick to the script in the end. In this picture he is using the Black Magic Cinema camera, which was really good to film on! The only problem is that you have to grade the footage, and being a school (and we had no money to shoot this film on) we couldn't get the grading software we needed for the Black Magic, which is why we shot some footage on a DLSR as the footage was perfect and didn't need any grading.

A behind the scenes shot of some cast and crew at Fowlmead Country Park in Kent

Now, this picture really is my favourite! This is all of the cast and crew of the film, (exceptions of Shona, Andrew and Lucie, they were taking pictures!). I am so greatful that I was able to work with such inspiring and passionate people on this project. Everyone gave their heart and soul into this project and I couldn't ask for better friends to work on a film project with! I hope we all make many more films together in the future!

Love, K :)

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