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Monday, 1 December 2014

Hi everyone! In this post I thought I would share with you my current favorite moisturisers. Now, moisturisers are something I have struggled with for a few years now as my skin loves to play up, but I have found that these two are the best for me. Garnier have released 5 products in their 'Moisture Match' range, and all look great, but these are the only two that I have bought. All of the range include:
  • 'Wake Me Up' for dull skin
  • 'Shine Be Gone' for combination to oily skin
  • 'Protect & Glow' for normal skin
  • 'Start Afresh' for normal to dry skin
  • 'Goodbye Dry' for dry to very dry skin

All of the products are usually priced at around £4 for a 50ml tube/bottle, so its not a major splurge but the are alost always on offer at shops such as Tesco's or Asda. Anyway, here are my reviews on the two products that I have bought :)

Garnier Moisture Match 'Wake Me Up' for Dull Skin moisturiser
 Now, this moisturiser is great for summer! It has a really nice fruity fragrance (citrus and mannose extract) to it and feels like you're smothering summer on your face. It is a gel that quickly absorbs into your skin and is completely oil free and lasts up to 24 hours! When I first started using this, it was in the summer and it was amazing! Whenever I put it on I felt so refreshed and could instantly feel and see the difference, and now and again I would catch a whiff of the fragrance and it would make me feel all summery inside :)

So if you think you may have dull skin, I would defiantly consider buying this product, it has helped my skin a lot a I would so recommend it!

Garnier Moisture Match 'Shine Be Gone' for Combination to Oily Skin moisturiser
This product is the newest to my collection and I LOVE it! As said before, my skin enjoys playing up, and this calms it down very well. It is enriched with Green Tea extract and Mannose, similar to the 'Wake Me Up' product. One of the reasons why I love this product is because it gives your skin a 'matte' effect due to including micro-spheres, which help maintain the 'matte' effect, so if you have oily skin like I do, this product would be great for you! Unlike the other product, this moisturiser is a cream, not a gel, but it is still fast absorbing and oil free.

This product also helps reduce shine and lasts 24 hours. If you have oily skin I would defiantly consider buying this product! It has helped my skin a lot! 

I hope you have found this post useful/helpful!

Love, K :)

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