The BFI Film Academy | Week 2

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Hi all! So today was my second week at the BFI Film Academy, and this time our course was placed at the Screen South Headquarters in Folkstone. It wasn't that far to travel, unlike Maidstone, so that was nice :)

I'm sorry about the crappy picture quality, I only had my iPod on me and not my actual camera! Anyway, here are a few pictures from today, and the posters that you see are just a few of the films that Screen South have worked on.

'Red Road', a film by Andrea Arnold
Outside the main Screen South HQ

So today mainly consisted of script development and it was a lot of fun to see what other people have created. As an avid writer myself, I found it very interesting to see what other people's imaginations are like and what kind of films they like to write about/make. There were 5 film script submissions and they were all really good and really well thought out pieces. I loved reading all of the scripts, and thought that all of the ideas were great, but we can only have two! Its going to be so difficult to choose what ones we do, but whatever they are, it will definitely be fantastic!

Later on in the day, we were split up into two groups and each of us took on a certain role. We were tasked with bringing two of the scripts to life, but as we were in a film office with limited time and no budget, we had to made do with what we had; seven people, a camera, a pair of headphones and a room. For the first round, I was a cast member. I love acting, and the first script that we were given wasn't even a script, it was an idea, so we had to improvise the dialogue, which is always interesting. 

The second time round I was 1 A.D (1st Assistant Director), which I really enjoyed. If anyone doesn't know what a 1st A.D is, they are basically the go-to person between the producer and the director, and it was super fun! Next week, we will be choosing the scripts that we, in  two groups, will make into short films, and we will also be deciding what role we will take on for these two short films. This was a super fun session and I feel like everyone bonded a little bit more as the exercises were a little more practical :) Hopefully next week will be even better!

Love, K :)

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