Winter Wonderland & Oxford Street - Pictures

Sunday, 7 December 2014

So today, me and the famalam drove down to London to go to Winter Wonderland! We all had such a good day and I managed to take a few pictures! The reason why I didn't take as many as I wanted was because I was vlogging as well, WHICH WILL BE MY FIRST EVER VLOG! I will upload it mid-week for you all :)

So here are some pictures from Winter Wonderland and our little trip to Oxford Street :)

This is just outside Selfridge's! I have never been to Selfridge's before, so it was really lovely to finally be able to go. The inside was so magical and all of the magical-ness was spread over four floors! They had every designer brand that you could think of (none that I will ever be able to afford unless I bought socks) but also had a range of more reasonably priced products. On the 4th floor, there was an abundance of toys and gifts, and also a gift wrapping station where you can get what you have purchased professionally wrapped!

As me and my sister both really love fudge, when we saw a whole stand dedicated to many types and flavours, we knew we had to by some! They had flavours ranging from the traditional clotted cream fudge to coconut fudge, Oreo fudge and MALTEASER FUDGE (which as you guessed is what I bought). The fudge we bought was sooo delicious! They had loads of sweet stands all round the park and it was very difficult not to buy some every time was passed a stall!

This massive Christmas tree was located near hundreds of Christmas stalls near down one end of Winter Wonderland. The stalls there ranged from handmade jewellery to doughnuts and I wanted most things I saw, but with only a small amount of money I decided to buy my friends some Christmas presents instead :) 

I wish we stayed longer so we could see Winter Wonderland all lit up, but due to parking times we had to leave before it got dark, which was quite sad :( But we did manage to drive down Oxford Street just as it was getting dark (you will see this in my vlog which I will post both on Youtube and on here for you, possibly on Wednesday).

Love, K :)

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