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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Hello my lovelies :) I thought I would review Aussie's Miracle Hair Insurance for you today! Now this is a product I use and love! As my hair can sometimes get super tangled, I thought I would purchase a little something for myself! I have only used Aussie Shampoo and Conditioner before, even though they have a really large range of hair-care products, and they work really nicely with my hair type! 

Aussie offer range of Lightweight Conditioning Sprays and all look worth their money:
  • Moisture
  • Frizz Remedy
  • Take The Heat
  • Aussome Volume

The price that I paid for this 250ml bottle was £4.50, but I have now seen it cheaper in stores, so don't worry if you didn't want to spend that much money on a hair product, as it can probably be found cheaper!

Now, as said before, this stuff does wonders for my hair! It contains Jojoba Seed Oil which helps detangle and protect your hair from the everyday elements! AND DID I MENTION THAT IT SMELLS LIKE HEAVEN! This is seriously one of the most nicest smelling hair products that I have or will ever have, and also smells beautiful even at the end of the day!

I highly recommend this product as it gives life, shine and sleekness to tired and dreary hair! A MUST HAVE!

Love, K :)

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