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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Hi Guys! I've had a very exciting past few days! On Saturday the 17th of January we started filming for our BFI Film Academy Film! I was really nervous at the beginning of the day, but the nerves soon wore off and then the stress kicked in. It was really challenging working with such a limited amount of time to shoot a small short film, but we all managed it!

I am so proud of everyone on and off set that mad this film come to life, and I couldn't have asked for  a more dedicated team to work with! Everyone was so lovely and supportive of each other's role and gave guidance to those who needed it. The three actresses that we got in were INCREDIBLE and were perfect for the roles!

We also had an amazing pair of make-up artists in and there were always there when make-up needed to be re-applied to our actresses.

It was such a fun day, and I have made it into a vlog for you all! But the video will be uploaded next Saturday (the 24th of Jan).

Lucie, who I have worked with before on Drifter, was one of the set designers for this film (along with Shona), and she took some amazing pictures of behind the scenes! You can find Lucie's Instagram here :)

One of our camera operators, Charlie Avis

Shona and two of our three actresses, Kate Maylon and Rachel Winters

Our third actress, Jamie Birkett

One of the camera's that we were using

I hope you all have enjoyed looking at the pictures! We all had such a great day and I cant wait to share the vlog with you all!

Love, K :)

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