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Sunday, 22 March 2015

So, it was my best friend, Hannah's, birthday a few days ago and one of her birthday presents was to go and see Miss Saigon at the West-end! Both Hannah and I was in a production of Miss Saigon that premiered at the Gulbenkian Theater in Canterbury so we both really love the show and hold it close to our hearts (and know all of the songs plus dance moves). It was super cool to be able to watch it being performed as having only performed it on stage and have never seen it. Another part of Hannah's birthday present was to go to Ripley's Believe It Or Not. I have never been there, but it was really interesting! There are lots of ancient and weird artifacts inside, and some that made me feel a wee bit sick (including 3 shrunken heads!). The day was super fun and I am so fortunate and lucky to have been asked to come along for the day!


I hope you guys enjoy the pictures! A Vlog will soon follow :)

The premiere for Cinderella happened only a few days before we arrived! The Cinderella Exhibition was still up, but we didn't go inside :(

Love, K :)

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