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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

So, because I am a crazy nutcase, I have decided to GO TO INDIA! But this isn't a usual holiday, in fact this isn't even a holiday at all! I have decided to go to India as part of my school's India Program in partnership with the Gerry Martin Project, which deals with wildlife, conservation and education. This is a volunteer program and a great experience and one that many of my friends have done and that I have always wanted to do.

I have always wanted to go, but my family never thought that I would ever fundraise all of the money in time, well now is the time to prove them wrong! 

I am so excited for this amazing experience! The trip will last for two weeks starting mid October 2015 (only a day after my 19th birthday!). We will be helping the local community, but will not be sure as to what we are doing until nearer the time. The last years October group (the group that most of my friends went on) built a research outpost for scientists and universities to use as a base.
The picture above was taken in Dodamarg, India, the place where we will be staying for two weeks!

I have also been offered to film a promotional video for the organisation! WHICH IS SUPER EXCITING! I will also try and vlog a little bit of each day when I am out there and will upload a video each day for two weeks after I am back from the trip. I hopefully will be able to bring along with me a GoPro and a Nikon D800 to film the two week adventure! But if not then I will be bringing my usual Samsung camera that I do all of my regular video's on :)

If you want to know more about the organisation, the link is here :)

I will also be posting updates as to how my fundraising is going and the events that the group and myself will be hosting to raise the funds. I will also be doing another crazy thing; DONG A 92 MILE WALK TO THE INDIAN EMBASSY IN LONDON TO RAISE THE MOOLA (£)! That will be taking place in around May and will be spread over 4 days! I CANT WAIT! I can't wait to share my little adventure with you all!

Love, K :)

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