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Monday, 13 April 2015


My Uncle has given me his old Nikon D80 DSLR! It is quite an old model (he bought it in 2006!) but it is still in really good condition! It came with three lenses, a 55-200mm (which I think is a macro lense), an 18-50mm and an 18-135mm (which I think is a zoom lense).

Now,  I am very new to photography and am just used to 'point-and-shoot' cameras, so all of these numbers on lenses, ISO, Aperture, Shutter speed and all of those other fancy term are new to me.

Lets just say I know nothing other than what looks good in my viewfinder. 

With all of the anticipation of getting a new camera, there was one thing that I discovered; the Nikon D80 does not shoot videos...


So even thought I can't used this for my Youtube Channel, it is still going to be great for taking still pictures! I have taken a few already and plan o take some pictures of stars and such later on today (if the sky is clear).

All of these pictures were taken in my Nans garden as she has some beautiful flowers and I also really love nature and photographing it as well!

My Auntie's French Bulldog, Bently 

I hope you liked the pictures! Hopefully I get to grips with the whole photography thing soon, and hopefully that will make my pictures look better! And also, hopefully (if I save up enough money) I will be able to buy a DSLR that will allow me to film on soon, but they are just so expensive! Better start saving!

Love, K :)

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