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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

So, I was watching Sprinkle Of Glitter's newest video (which you can find here) and I loved it! Louise talked about a campaign made by Gillette Venus and it's called 'Use Your And'. 

The basics of this amazing campaign is to end the stereotype that woman can only be one thing and that we are labeled as such. Venus want's us you 'use our and' and share with the world what our 'and' is. In the video by Louise, she asked us to send her a little collage of pictures displaying our 'ands', and here are mine!

I am a daughter AND a singer AND a director AND a Youtuber AND a Harry Potter lover AND a book lover AND an actress AND an archer AND a special effects artist AND a screenwriter And a friend :)

Me and my Mum

Me performing at my school's Music Cup

Me directing my first short film with the BFI

Me editing a video for Youtube


A still from Drifter

A poster that I made for my Media Studies film, Spark!

My screenplay, XI/Eleven


Let me know what your 'ands' are! Leave them in the comments :)

Love, K :)

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