1 Year On Youtube!

Sunday, 11 October 2015

This month is very exciting for me, but this day, even more so! BECAUSE TODAY MARKS THE FIRST DAY I STARTED YOUTUBE! That's right! One whole year ago I started my Youtube channel, and I have had so much fun! 

I first started making Youtube video's because my Media Studies teacher suggested that I should (I have no idea why), and I was always looking for things to edit (as I really loved editing footage for some reason). I was also inspired by my best friend Hannah as she also had a Youtube channel. So thats why I decided to make videos!

I love filming anyway, but at first I found it hard to decide what kind of content I wanted on my channel or what I would talk about. My first video, which you can see here, was just a little introduction to myself and what I'm like (as I am wonderfully weird and am such a fangirl).

Afterwards I decided to talk about my film projects and books, and that's what I've really gone with, although I do upload videos about me talking about my favourite things and videos with different content. I don't really consider myself to have a specific 'genre' to my channel, I just upload what I love talking about and hope people enjoy what I'm talking about!

Earlier this month I made a new channel dedicated to my vlogs, which you can find here, that I have filmed. I decided to do this as I will be having quite a few vlogs lined up for you in the next few months, and decided that it would be best to make a new channel so my main channel isn't bombarded with vlog videos. I am very excited to see this channel grow and hope you all are there with me on my journey of developing that channel!

To watch the video on my channel about my 1 Year Youtube anniversary, you can watch it here :)

I hope to keep making Youtube videos for many more years to come! Here's to the future!

Love, K :)

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