Thursday, 8 October 2015

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me! Today I turned 19 years old! THIS IS INSANE! I have never really felt a certain 'age', I just feel how I am and never really care if people say if I'm immature or not.

Today I was woken from a graceful slumber at 7:30am by my Mum and sister who had a few lovely presents for me. I received a beautiful smelling vanilla candle, a wall hanging (which I now want to re-decorate my whole room around), a massive bar of chocolate and some Cath Kidston smellies!

Later on in the day, my best friend Hannah popped over and delivered some presents off! I hadn't sen her in a while, so it was a lovely visit! I received a lovely notebook, with a heartwarming message from Hannah inside, and a box of Malteasers (because they are my favourite!).

For dinner, myself and my family went to Pizza Hut as I really fancied pizza and absolutely LOVE the salad bar that they have there.

My main present is a brand new Canon 750D which I can't wait to use! That should be arriving on Saturday, and I am super excited! I will be taking this camera with me to India to make a short film on, so hopefully between the two days of getting the camer and going to India I will learn how to use it! 

But as well as it being my birthday, it is also the birthday of my dear friend and twinny Mara Nunes. Mara sadly passed away at the beginning of the year and as some of you may know I am making a film for her called 'Little Things'. It is a collaborative film project and if you would like to be involved just watch this video for all of the details! If you may, I would love it if you could contribute to this project and if you would take a few minutes out of your day to think of those suffering with mental illnesses and how we can help them overcome what they are suffering.

Here are  few pictures of the beautiful presents I received today :)

'Essence of Nature' Vanilla scented candle by Victoria Meredith
I now want my room to be a dusty pink/purple thanks to this beautiful wall hanging!
A lovely notebook from my lovely friend Hannah!

Love, K :)

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