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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

After constantly browsing the make-up aisles in my local drugstores, I decided that I couldn't find anything for my eyebrows that would make them look more 'fuller' without them looking tacky or too dark. 

BUT THEN, behold the wondrous item that is Maybelline's Browdrama Sculpting Brow Mascara! In the beginning I was looking more for a pencil or a powder to fill in my brows as I was going to buy Maybelline's Brow Satin filling powder and pen, but then I stumbled upon this little gem. 

I never thought of buying a brow 'mascara' before as I thought that it would make my brows look too full or too dark, but I was so so wrong. The brush is quite similar to a normal mascara brush, but the end of this brush is rounded to make an easier application on the brow, which is something I really liked. The bristles on this brush also makes it easier to stop clumping and to feather out each lash/hair. I found that to use the slimmer part of the brush, you have to use it at an angle, but still does wonders to my brows!

Priced at £4.99 I really couldn't not buy it! I have seen a few other items similar to this product, but they were at higher prices; this is definitely the best priced brow mascara I have come across so far!

I found that this product makes my eyebrows look more naturally fuller and thicker without it looking like I have applied powder or any other 'brow enhancer'.

I have light/medium brown hair colour and bought the product in a dark brown because my eyebrows are quite dark anyway. They also off this product in shades Deep Blonde, Medium Brown, Dark Brown and Transparent.

I love the fact that they also offer a transparent version of his product as it is great for keeping brows looking defined and sculpted but without the added definition, so that's great if your eyebrows are already lovely and full and don't want them looking any more so.

This is definitely one of my favorite buys in a long time and is something that I will be using on most days! Let me know if you guys have used this product and how you've found it to work for you!

Love, K :)

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