Yoga For The Soul

Friday, 22 January 2016

I have recently been practicing yoga and I wanted to tell you guys about it! I have only been practicing yoga for about a week now, but have felt a tremendous difference to my body and my mind. I know this probably sounds cliche, but it really has impacted me quite a lot! I never believed something like yoga could transform me in such a way as it has done over the past week. 

My mindset is completely different, I'm waking up earlier in the morning and am not feeling tired, my body feels energized and loved and so does my mind. For me, yoga creates time for myself, to focus on self love, really feeling your body and what works for it and what feels good; it's all about connecting.

I've been watching some yoga video's on Youtube by Yoga With Adriene and they are fantastic! She really gives you time in the practice to focus on self love and connect with your body, which I have found really nice and helpful.

If anyone wants to try out a yoga video here is a 20 minute sequence for beginners! It's really easy and simple and shows you the basic moves and breathing! It's one of my favourite video's as I am still a beginner myself!

If anyone tries or is practicing yoga, let me know how it's going! We can share our stories together!

Love, K :)

Supernatural Thriller Mini Series Location Scouting (Recce) | Pictures

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

I have been writing a four part mini-series for a while now, and had a few locations in mind that I wanted to film at. So, I decided to wake up at 7am this morning (which is incredibly early for me) and walk to the locations that I was thinking about using in the series. The first scene in the first episode happens just before dawn, but the sun was quickly rising, but I managed to get a few good shots in before the sun was fully out and shining.

The location was a bit different as to how I saw it in my head, so I may have to change the storyboard that I have made to fit in with the environment; I do like a challenge!

I have always loved the beach and have wanted to film something down here for a while now! I had been thinking of shooting a dystopian film entirely in the abandoned hover port near this location as everything is rusty and looks awesome for that genre of film.

As I walked further on, I noticed these unused stairs that I had come across before, but little did I know that there was a clear-ish patch of ground next to it (located in the picture below).

And then to my surprise, there was another set of stairs that you could actually use (picture below). This has made me think more about the locations available to me; so with my set-back of the location not being as to how I imagined it, I now have a few more options available!

All of this was so much fun and the sea-side is so beautiful at that time of the morning! I took some really nice 'non-location-scouting' pictures as well, but I haven't posted them on here yet.

I hope you've enjoyed this post!

Love, K :)

The Mermaid's Sister - Carrie-Anne Noble | Book Review

Monday, 18 January 2016

Rating: 4/5

"In a cottage high atop Llanfair Mountain, sixteen-year-old Clara lives with her sister, Maren, and guardian, Auntie. By day, they gather herbs for Auntie’s healing potions; by night, Auntie spins tales of faraway lands and wicked fairies. Clara’s favorite story tells of three orphan infants—Clara, who was brought to Auntie by a stork; Maren, who arrived in a seashell; and their best friend, O’Neill, who was found beneath an apple tree.
One day, Clara discovers shimmering scales just beneath her sister’s skin: Maren is becoming a mermaid and must be taken to the sea or she will die. So Clara, O’Neill, and the mermaid-girl set out for the shore. But the trio encounters trouble around every bend. Ensnared by an evil troupe of traveling performers, Clara and O’Neill must find a way to save themselves and the ever-weakening Maren.
And always in the back of her mind, Clara wonders, if my sister is a mermaid, then what am I?"

I have to say, even though this may be considered a children's book, I absolutely loved it! I've been wanting to read a bit of fantasy for a while now, after a long period of reading dystopian YA books, I wanted a break and thought that this book would be a good read.

The premise of this book really intrigued me as we don't know where the characters come from, so from very early on I was gripped. This book is set in a very idyllic cottage on Llanfair Mountain who's residents are sisters Clara and Maren and their guardian known as Auntie.

Overall this story is about love and all of it's different forms; love for you siblings, love from the heart and love for power and through all of this, I found myself really connecting with the character of Clara, in ways that I have never connected with a character before. I found it quite strange how much I found myself in this character.

Overall, this was a very sweet book to read and loved the characters within it and found them quite relateable! And plus, it has a dragon in it, and who doesn't like dragons?!

Love, K :)

A Christmas Holiday - Italy

Thursday, 14 January 2016

So, I have recently been to Italy (I went over New Year) and thought I would share some pictures of my trip with you! It was super cold, but I loved wrapping up warm each day in scarves and hats. I went along with my Mum, her partner and his friend also came along, my sister and my brother and his girlfriend. We also met a few other close family member out there, which was really nice as I didn't get to see them over Christmas!

I had never been to Italy before so I was very exciting to be experiencing a new place! If I ever went to Italy, I always thought I would go to Rome and go and see all of the historical places (I would still really love to go and do that!) so it was nice to see a different part of the country.

The views were absolutely breathtaking and taking a picture couldn't even capture the beauty of the landscapes, but it was all I was able to do. It looks like something out of a fantasy world (think of Lord of the Rings or Skyrim, but less dragons).

Ellie has been skiing a few more times than me, and she is definitely not afraid to ski fast down a mountain, which is somewhat inspiring and also very terrifying.

My Auntie, Uncle, Nan and baby cousin were staying in the same area as us, but we were not on holiday together, if that makes sense? My Auntie and everyone else went with about 30 family members of my Uncles family and they had a HUGE chalet that they all shared, whereas myself and my family had a apartment.

I love the style of their hotels in Italy! They remind me a lot of the buildings and hotels in Austria, and also the film Pinocchio! They are all so beautiful and has detailed wooden carvings and painting on them. 

We were lucky enough to spend New Year in Italy! I have never spent New Year in a different country before, so it was nice to see how everyone celebrates! A lot of fireworks went off the night and I tried to take some pictures on my camera and this one was one of the decent ones I managed to capture.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year!

Love, K :)

Out Of Bad Things Come Good Things

Thursday, 7 January 2016

So, yesterday I was supposed to catch a bus to go into town with my friends Hannah and Fraiya, but with buses being like they are, it was super early and I missed it. I always hate being late for things, especially when we all had been wanting to meet up for ages and now I had been held back by an hour!

To add to this, I had been wanting to film for a few things that I had lined up for my channel, and was worried that I wouldn't have enough footage or that the footage wouldn't be good enough. So, now that I missed the bus, I saw the opportunity to start filming. I managed to get some beautiful shots and I also had a lovey walk along the way; and I guess the moral of this story is; don't fret about things you can't change, make the most of your circumstances and use them to your advantage!

I have always loved the world after it has finished raining, so here are some pictures from my shoot!

Later on in the day (when I finally met up with Hannah) we went to a local Costa Coffee shop and Hannah ordered the Salted Caramel Latte and it had GOLD DUSTING ON IT! It was so pretty and much more golden in real life (the picture doesn't quite do it justice) so I just had to take a picture of it!

We also went into Lush! I haven' really been into Lush items as there isn't one near me that I can get easily to, so it was nice to pop in. They had loads of bath bombs and cosmetics on display and it smelt DIVINE! I ended up buying two face masks and a bath bomb! I'll be doing a Lush haul on my channel soon, so make sure you're staying tuned!

I hope you've enjoyed this post! And remember, when bad situations arise, make something good out of it! 

Love, K :)
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