A Christmas Holiday - Italy

Thursday, 14 January 2016

So, I have recently been to Italy (I went over New Year) and thought I would share some pictures of my trip with you! It was super cold, but I loved wrapping up warm each day in scarves and hats. I went along with my Mum, her partner and his friend also came along, my sister and my brother and his girlfriend. We also met a few other close family member out there, which was really nice as I didn't get to see them over Christmas!

I had never been to Italy before so I was very exciting to be experiencing a new place! If I ever went to Italy, I always thought I would go to Rome and go and see all of the historical places (I would still really love to go and do that!) so it was nice to see a different part of the country.

The views were absolutely breathtaking and taking a picture couldn't even capture the beauty of the landscapes, but it was all I was able to do. It looks like something out of a fantasy world (think of Lord of the Rings or Skyrim, but less dragons).

Ellie has been skiing a few more times than me, and she is definitely not afraid to ski fast down a mountain, which is somewhat inspiring and also very terrifying.

My Auntie, Uncle, Nan and baby cousin were staying in the same area as us, but we were not on holiday together, if that makes sense? My Auntie and everyone else went with about 30 family members of my Uncles family and they had a HUGE chalet that they all shared, whereas myself and my family had a apartment.

I love the style of their hotels in Italy! They remind me a lot of the buildings and hotels in Austria, and also the film Pinocchio! They are all so beautiful and has detailed wooden carvings and painting on them. 

We were lucky enough to spend New Year in Italy! I have never spent New Year in a different country before, so it was nice to see how everyone celebrates! A lot of fireworks went off the night and I tried to take some pictures on my camera and this one was one of the decent ones I managed to capture.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year!

Love, K :)

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