Yoga For The Soul

Friday, 22 January 2016

I have recently been practicing yoga and I wanted to tell you guys about it! I have only been practicing yoga for about a week now, but have felt a tremendous difference to my body and my mind. I know this probably sounds cliche, but it really has impacted me quite a lot! I never believed something like yoga could transform me in such a way as it has done over the past week. 

My mindset is completely different, I'm waking up earlier in the morning and am not feeling tired, my body feels energized and loved and so does my mind. For me, yoga creates time for myself, to focus on self love, really feeling your body and what works for it and what feels good; it's all about connecting.

I've been watching some yoga video's on Youtube by Yoga With Adriene and they are fantastic! She really gives you time in the practice to focus on self love and connect with your body, which I have found really nice and helpful.

If anyone wants to try out a yoga video here is a 20 minute sequence for beginners! It's really easy and simple and shows you the basic moves and breathing! It's one of my favourite video's as I am still a beginner myself!

If anyone tries or is practicing yoga, let me know how it's going! We can share our stories together!

Love, K :)

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