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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

I got this bath bomb as a present for Christmas and have only just had the chance to use it! It was part of Lush's Christmas Range and unfortunately they are no longer selling it, but it will be back in stock near the Christmas period! So if any of you lovely folk have one lying around in your bathroom like I had, you best start running a bath!

This bath bomb is made using  Bergamot and Mandarin oil, as well as Orange Flower so it has quite a zesty and citrus feel to it, perfect for those who like the smell of dried oranges over the festive period! As soon as it dropped it into my bath it began to fizz away, slowly making the bath water turn a pale red. Overall, the bath bomb took about 10 minutes to fully dissolve, so that give you plenty of time to relax or even apply a face mask! 

I really enjoyed watching the bath bomb melt away into the water, and this one was quite foamy! The different colours burst away and left a trail in the water and I have to say, it was quite mesmerizing! 

The whole bathroom was filled with the zesty scents of the bath bomb and I was feeling totally relaxed! My skin felt pampered and as I don't usually use bath bombs, I really enjoyed having my bather water turn a different colour and the scents lifted my mood.

I have to say, being a new user to Lush products, I am loving the experience so far! I love that their products are suitable for vegetarians and most of their products are suitable for vegans too and they are against testing their products on animals, so I really feel like I've made a good choice whenever I buy a product from Lush! 

I hope you have enjoyed this review, and let me know what your thoughts are of this bath bomb if you have used it already!

Love, K :)


  1. I've always wanted to try a bath bomb, especially a Lush one! This one sounds amazing x

    1. It is amazing! I'm quite new to trying product from Lush but have found it a great experience so far! x


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