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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Hello my lovelies! In my recent Youtube video (you can watch it here) you can see that I went on a Lush spree recently and I bought some lovely goodies this time around! One of the lovely products that I bought was the 'Love Lettuce' Fresh Face Mask! I have used a few of Lush's Face Masks before, such as 'Don't Look At Me' (you can read the review here) and 'Rosey Cheeks' (you can read the review here) and have really enjoyed using them, so I was very keen to see what the other face masks were like!

When I was in my local Lush store, I mentioned how I loved the exfoliating properties of the 'Don't Look At Me' face mask and asked if any of the other face masks had something similar to them. I was presented with 'Love Lettuce' and 'Brazened Honey' (but that's for another time!).

Included in the face mask is Agar Agar Gel which is made from a species of seaweed which helps soften and moisturize skin, Kaolin (a type of clay) which helps exfoliate and cleanse dead skin cells,  Honey which aid to moisturizing and is also used as an antiseptic, Fullers Earth which absorbs excess oil and dirt, Almond Oil which is packed with vitamin E, Ground Almonds and Lavender Oil for a relaxing scent! .'Love Lettuce' also includes ground Almond shells which acts to exfoliate your skin, so its a more of a fine exfoliant than the ground rice in the 'Don't Look At Me' face mask.

As you can see form the pictures above, this face mask has a green colour to it, which I really like about these face masks! It makes applying a face mask so mush more fun and enjoyable! I have to say, this isn't the nicest smelling face mask I've tried, so don't expect any fabulous smelling mask when purchasing this one (but don't worry, it does a great job!).

When applying the face mask, I made sure that I had taken off all of my make up before putting the mask on. I them applied the mask smoothing out any lumps or where the mask became thick in areas, as you only need to cover the surface of your skin. I made sure to keep the product away from sensitive areas, such as my eyes and my mouth. I then relaxed for 15 minutes and then it was time to wash off! I like my mask to become a bit dry/hard before I wash it off, that way I know it's done a good job and has had enough time to get to work! I like to apply some warm water on my hands and start to make the mask wet again, that's when I start to exfoliate my skin. Without washing the mask off completely, I start to work the product in troubled area's, such as my nose and my forehead, and could feel the exfoliating power of the ground almond shells! When I have had a good scrub of my whole face, I then wash the whole mask off and dry my face.

I was really pleased with the results from this mask! As said before, it's not the best smelling face mask, but it did do a fantastic job! I have quite oily skin, and when I dried my face I found that it had completely mattified my face without it feeling tight or dry. I tried the 'Rosey Cheeks' face mask not too long ago, and even though it mattified my face well, it left my face feeling a bit tight afterwards, so it was a lovely surprise to see this result! 

Overall, my face felt clear, cleansed and mattified! I can't wait to try this mask out again! If any of you have tried this mask before, let me know what you thought about it in the comments below!

Love K :)

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