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Friday, 11 March 2016

So, after using Lush's 'Don't Look At Me' face mask and seeing brilliant results, I thought I would try my 'Rosey Cheeks' face mask as well! I've heard a few good things about this mask and was asked to test it out in my local Lush store and was very surprised by it!

Firstly, this face mask smells absolutely AMAZING! Just like roses (if you hadn't already guessed by the name)! Although it's not a fancy colour like the 'Don't Look At Me' face mask (you can read the review for here) it makes up for it in the smell and it's effectiveness! 

This face mask includes Rose Oil, Calaine Powder and Kaolin. The Rose Oil helps balance and restore your skin, and also makes the mask smell like you've just planted your head into a rose bush! This also helps if you have oily skin! Calamine powder helps calm the redness in your skin, so this is a great product for even sensitive skin types! Lastly, Kaolin cleanses your skin and helps to absorb all of the dirt and excess oil on your face! This is also a clay based product, so this really is a good choice if you have combination/oily skin like I do!

To apply the product, I start off by cleansing my face or by making sure that all traces of make-up is removed before applying the mask. I think smother the mask all over my face, but making sure the product doesn't go too close to my eyes. Afterwards, it's time to relax! If you are using this product for a bath-time, now would be a great time to turn the taps on! I leave this mask on for about 10-15 minutes and then rinse off under warm water. Because this isn't an exfoliant and doesn't have any exfoliating particles, there's no need to scrub, so once again, this is great if you have sensitive skin!

Afterwards my face feels smooth and restored! My overall skin tone seems to be calm and the scent left from the mask is divine! I usually apply some moisutriser after using this face mask as where it is a clay based product, it absorbs all of the oils and usually makes my skin feel a bit dry after using, but that may be a different case for some of you :)

It is also safe to know that all of Lush's products are suitable for Vegetarians and most of their products are suitable for Vegans too! They also don't test their product on animals, so it's nice to know when you're buying from Lush that they offer all of these things and it also makes you feel good about buying a product!

Overall, I really enjoyed this product and can't wait to buy some more face masks from Lush and try them out! If any of you guys have tried this product I would love to know what you think!

Love, K :)

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