85 Mile Charity Walk For Kent Air Ambulance & Kent Fire Fighters Charity

Thursday, 28 April 2016

On Tuesday the 26th and Wednesday the 27th of April, myself and five other people embarked on an 85 mile charity walk for the Kent Air Ambulance and the Kent Fire Fighters charity! It was very difficult and challenged us all in many different ways, but we managed to do it! We aimed to stop at every ambulance and fire station along the way, but because we were lacking in time, unfortunately we didn't visit every one we wanted to :(

The person who organised this walk is my best friend Vicky, (pictured in the black jumper in the picture below) and she is only just recovering from a car crash. She damaged her spine and had broken one of her legs, and only a few days ago got feeling back in that leg! Vicky split her time  between using crutches and a wheelchair on this walk, and was usually in front of us on this walk! I am super proud of her and she is such an inspiration to me and many people with whom she works with, and she also is a 999 dispatcher and volunteers for the Red Cross and many other different charities! GO BEST FRIEND! 

Myself and my friend Vicky having our picture taken wih the HEMS crew!


Outside a local Ambulance station
We set off on our adventure from Margate Fire Station at 4;40am on Tuesday the 27th of April. It was cold and we were all super tired from waking up so early, but we didn't complain! After stopping at our first fire and ambulance checkpoint at around 6ish, we grabbed a McDonalds breakfast and had a quick rest. Everyone was glad to have some warm food in their bellies, as it was still very cold and we hadn't eaten anything that morning. We then moved on to Ramsgate, Sandwich, Deal and Dover. I have to say, my feet were hurting by the time we arrived in Sandwich, but everyone was trudging on with walking, and so I followed! When we arrived in Deal, we stopped at the local fire station and the crew there lat us come in for a tea and some biscuits! They showed us round their station and chatted to us about what they do and answered any questions we had; it was really interesting to see what it's like inside a fire station and to know what their day involves and what happens when they are needed for a call.Whilst in Deal, it started to rain, which wasn't the best weather we had hoped for for walking in! Luckily we brought some umbrellas with us, and most of us had hoods so we were slightly sheltered from the rain! The route through Deal and into Dover was right by the sea, so the views were lovely to look and and helped pass the time.

So exhausted!
Our next stop was our final stop for the day; Aylesham. The fire crew there kindly let us stay there the night and gave us mattresses to sleep on and bought us all food! They were absolute angels! They made us feel so at home and were so warm and welcoming; they also gave us £100 to put towards our fundraising! THEY WERE SO LOVELY! After we had settled in for the night we laid down or mattresses and went to sleep, but at around midnight, the fire crew got a call out and all of the lights came on and the sirens went off! They were at the station in minutes and left in almost seconds! Luckily they did tell us what would happen if they got a call out in the middle of the night, so everyone wasn't scared or surprised as to what was happening. Seeing them go off on a call so quickly was insane to witness, but also comforting to know that they get ready and are out of the station so quickly! 


Fundraisers & Fire Crew
We started a little later this morning, mainly because we had less mileage to travel today. We left and said our farewells to the Aylesham Fire Crew at about 7am and headed towards Canterbury. The Canterbury Fire Station was HUGE compared to the others we had visited and was the first fire station to have a fire pole, so of course we all wanted to have a go on it! After Canterbury we made our way to Chilham and Wye. Our last stop was the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford and we were greeted by family members and friends! Afterwards, we popped into Ashford Fire Station for a cup of tea and some biscuits. They were so lovely and welcoming! Just as we were having our pictures taken, they got a call out, but thankfully we needed to leave anyway, so the whole fire crew were out the door in seconds!

It was so nice to meet some many passionate and caring people on this 85 mile journey. We have met fire crews, ambulance crews and members of the public who were loving what we were doing, and it was great to raise money for two incredible charities!

I vlogged the whole journey as well!

Day One vlog!

Day Two vlog!

I hope you all have enjoyed this post! I'm looking forward to doing many more things for charity, so stay tuned! I will do a short update on this as a separate post when I find out the total of how much we have raised! EXCITING STUFF!

Love, K :)

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