Earth Day 2016

Friday, 22 April 2016

Today is Earth Day! It's a day which I think should be celebrated more, as some people are still unaware that it even exists. I choose to celebrate Earth Day because I love our beautiful, fascinating, and complex world, and want to make it better for many generations to come.

My WWF picture for Earth Day
This year I'm celebrating Earth Day with WWF (World Wildlife Fund) as they have partnered with Apple and the App Store to help raise funds for global wildlife, marine and environmental conservation! You can read the 'Apps For Earth' blog post here for more information about the cause!

I love our world, and truly want to do something to help. In October 2015 I went to India on a conservation volunteer trip to help local wildlife (a blog post will be up soon! I promise). I am looking forward to doing many things like this and doing some local volunteering to help wildlife and conservation!

A few great ways to help our planet (without going to India) is to organize a beach clean-up, re-cycle, cycle more instead of using a car, picking up litter from the ground, the list is endless! Earth Day isn't just a day to think about how we treat our planet, it's a day to make a change, to do something about the many problems facing our world.

You can find the official Earth day website here and the website for the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) here :) On both of these websites are many ways to get involved in saving the environment and our wildlife! Whether it's signing a petition, raising money, raising awareness or doing something directly with the WWF, there are tonnes of ways to help!

I hope you have chosen to do something great this Earth Day, and plan to do something not only on Earth Day for this world, but everyday, because together, anything is possible!

Love, K :)

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