Dystopian Film Case Studies!

Friday, 6 May 2016

Each week in the month of May I will be uploading a case study of a dystopian film! I've been wanting to do something different with my channel for a while now, and if you have been on here or watched my video's before, you'll know that I love both the genre of dystopia and that I love films; so why not put the two together?!

I was massively inspired by the Youtber Nerdwriter1 and his 'Understanding Art' series, so I thought that I could give it a go with some videos of my own! I will be releasing four videos on four different dystopian films and will be tackling issues such as poverty, immigration, religion, wealth, power, class, environmentalism and many other topics and subjects.

I studied dystopia in my A2 Film Studies class (by choice) and wrote a paper on it as well, so it is something that I am familiar with and have a passion and true interest for, and I can't wait to share these videos I have planned with you all! I hope to raise a few questions to you all and maybe we can start a conversation about the themes that arise in these films that are relevant to the present day?

Here is a little introduction video I made just to let everyone knwo of the changes I have made to my channel over the coming month and what they can expect from the videos :)

I hope you are going to enjoy these videos as much as I have had researching and making them!

Love, K :)

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