My New Balayage Hair!

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

I have been wanting to do something a bit different with my hair for a while now, but I wasn't sure if I wanted a full colour or something a bit in-between, I have been wanting to dye my hair lighter, either blonde or perhaps auburn/copper (think Sansa Stark, that would be so DREAMY!). After pondering on this for some time I decided to meet halfway with my thoughts and have balayage! I had my hair done buy the absolutly awesome team at Solarium Point in Ramsgate! It's such an amazing salon and looks insane inside! 

Balayage is a tad like ombre, but more freehand. Where ombre is the lower half of your hair completely dyed and fading as it goes up towards your crown, balayage is more natural and the hair stylist has full control of where they dye the hair; this can be single strands, lower end of the hair or more crown orientated, and this gives it a more natural, sun-kissed look!

 I have never had my hair dyed before, and I have actually have never even been to a hairdressers before! As my Mum used to be a hairdresser, she has always cut my hair for me, but I decided to treat myself and go to a professional salon and I can say that I will definitely be back for more! I really enjoyed the experience of going to get my hair done, and I felt gloriously pampered afterwards! I LOVED how my hair turned out! Maybe soon I will dye it my dream colour of auburn! Let me know if any of you guys have had your hair balayaged before and if you liked it!

Love, K :)

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