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Saturday, 20 August 2016

I have always loved nature and plants and have many, many plants in my room as it is. One day I came across an article in my newly favourite magazine/journal 'Ernest Journal'. The article was about two London botanists and their journey, and the science, of creating Terrariums.

I had seen many posts and pictures of terrariums before but had always thought I would buy one, not ever make one myself. So today I decided to be a bit crafty and make one myself! So I have made a step by step guide for you on how to make your own terrarium like the one's I've made in the picture below! Lets get started!


  1. A jar or container of your choice! I've used some jars that I bought from a local shop for about £1 each and the larger jar (a demijohn) I got from my Grandad!
  2. Soil! I've used regular indoor plant soil. Try to buy soil without any peat or fertiliser in it as you don't want you terrarium to grow out of control!
  3. Stones. I've just used some tiny stone from my garden, but any garden shop will sell some!
  4. Activated charcoal! You can find this in most pet shops!
  5. And lastly, plants! I've used a variety of succulents and moss in mine, but you can use any slow growing plant you like!


  1.  Firstly, get your jar and give it a good clean out; water will do just fine! Or if you've had something a little more grubby in there, use a little bit of washing up liquid to remove anything.
  2. Place about 1cm of stones in your jar. This is to help your terrarium drain the water. ou might want to save some for decoration later!
  3. Cover the layer of stones with a thin layer of the activated charcoal. This will help draw out any toxins from the water and will help purify the water cycle.
  4. Soil! You can put as much soil in as you like, but make sure to put enough in so the plants can re-root comfortably! I like my terrariums to have quite a bit of air space.
  5. Now place your plants! I found this quite tricky with my demijohn jar as the opening of the jar is very small, so I suggest you find some tools that will help you place the plants inside if you jar has a small opening. You can place the plants wherever you like, but I have tried to separate mine from each other so they have a little bit of space to grow.
  6. Time to decorate! I have decorated mine with some stones, but you can put anything you like in there! You could make themed terrariums and decorate with shells, pine-cones or even little ornaments!

Well done! You're all finished! I love having terrariums around the house, and they're a great idea if you haven't got any garden space!

The Victorians first started using Terrariums as a way to transport plants for examination on long voyages! They create their own microclimate and in turn their own little atmosphere, allowing plants to thrive in a man-made environment and in an environment not like their own!

I hope you have enjoyed this post! I would love to see the terrariums that you have made; make sure to leave a picture and a comment in the comments section below!

Love, K :)

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