A Tiny Paddle By The Sea

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Today I thought that I would have the smallest of adventures and go to my local beach and have a little stroll. I took my little Shitzu, Bruno, even though I call him many other names other than his own. Bruno is a little timid and one thing that he is not quite sure of is the sea. The area we live in has a bay which mostly consists of mud flats rather than an actual beach, so it's quite shallow, so I thought this would be a good starting point for him to ease his way in to actually going into the sea.

The picture above shows just about how much he would go in the water! One day he'll be swimming in the sea and having the time of his life! But for now, we're settling with paw-deep paddling.

Whilst Bruno was getting antiquated with the sea, I was on the look out for inspiration for a new project of mine! I'm taking up a personal photography/aesthetic/video/audio project and I'm super excited! I'll probably write more about it in another post when I've got more to work with, but the first theme of the project is sea mythology, so I thought I would capture some images I could use!

I'm still working on how to style the photographs and the overall tone for the project. I think I will have to get some more equipment for the shoot, but overall I'm very excited!

I might invest in something that I can use to take my DSLR underwater, as I think that will benefit me greatly in this project and for everyday! Photographs will definitely look AMAZING underwater! 

I can't wait to share more exciting stuff about this project! What do you love the most about the sea? Leave me a comment below!

Love, K:)

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