Iceland Day One & Two | Gullfoss, Geysir & Kerid

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

On the 1st of October I embarked on an adventure of a lifetime to Iceland! I took LOADS of pictures and thought that it would be a shame for them not to be shared, as Iceland is such a vastly diverse island and was definitely one of my favourite places I have ever been.


So, at 6 o'clock in the morning on Saturday the 1st of October, I headed off on my journey to Iceland! This was my first holiday that I booked myself, so I was super nervous that I had forgotten something or that I would leave something behind (which I later found out that I did; an accessory for my GoPro, but never mind).

After a lengthy drive to the airport, I got my fill of tea and checked in and I was on my way! I was travelling in a group of six which compiled of myself, my friend Rebecca and her husband and a few other friends and relations of Rebecca's. The flight lasted only three hours (you can click here to read a blog post about what I took in my hand luggage for a short haul flight), so it was a much shorter flight than I was used to.

After touching down in Keflavik airport, we got our hire car and was on our way to our Airbnb. Our home for a few days had the most amazing view of a lake and a small island! It was also great that it was situated quite a way away from any towns, or anyone for that matter, which made it perfect for spotting aurora at night time!

The view from our Airbnb in Selfoss
After settling in, we cooked ourselves dinner and marveled in the glorious landscapes that surrounded us. I think the thing that amazes me the most about Iceland is how changing the landscape is and how colourful it can be. You get the blacks of the sand and lava rocks, but you also get the yellows of the grasses, the greens of the trees and the reds of small plants; it's such a beautiful place.


Day two was packed full of sight-seeing, mainly waterfalls! You can identify a waterfall in Iceland by the word 'foss', which means waterfall; so Gullfoss and Selfoss are both waterfalls! I found that really interesting when traveling places, how words within a place identify what is there.


'Gullfoss' means 'Golden Waterfall' and from 1979 was made a national nature reserve for the people of Iceland, and it's visitors, to enjoy! It really was a spectacular sight, and you could hear the power of the water falling from quite a way away! 

And of course I had to have a cheeky selfie by the waterfall!

After visiting Gullfoss, we traveled a bit more and we saw some glaciers, WHICH WERE INSANE! Iceland tip #2: glacier's are called 'j√∂kull'.

Then we headed to Geysir. This was also very cool and the geysir's there spurted water out up to 70m high and up to 100 degrees C! It also smelt A LOT of sulfur as this is a natual occurring substance in hot spring throughout Iceland, so whenever we smelt sulfur, we know there was a hot spring of some sort around!

Kerid is a volcanic crater lake formed about 3,000 years ago and unlike most volcanic craters in Iceland who's soil is normally black, Kerid's soil is a striking red! Also, the pool of water that lies at the bottom of the crater is also a stunning hue of aquamarine, it just didn't look real! 

Towards the end of the day we headed towards the coast and took a stroll along a very windy stretch of beach! It was so cool to see the black sand beaches of Iceland, and I don't think I have ever seen a sea so rough as this one! I would definitely get sea sick if I was out on a boat in that!

So that's all of the best bits from day one and two of Iceland! I'll get to writing day three now! I hope you guys enjoyed his post, I now I enjoyed writing and sharing this with you! If any of you have been to these places, let me know what it was like, especially if you went in the Winter - it must have looked so different!

Love, K :)

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