Iceland Day Six | Dettifoss & Selfoss

Friday, 28 October 2016

Day six in Iceland was very cool. And if you're wondering where Day Five went, DON'T PANIC! We relaxed all day so there wasn't any pictures to show you all, so, day five never existed...

As always, we started the morning bright and early as we checked out of our hotel and moved onto our next little home for the remainder of our journey. We were driving to Reykjavik, and this took a long time, but thankfully we broke down our journey but stopping off at some INCREDIBLE places! It was quite dismal weather all day, but this did make for some awesome pictures of mountain fog!

Dettifoss was a spectacular waterfall! And what made it ever more spectacular was that this is the waterfall they used for the opening sequence for Ridley Scott's film, Prometheus!!!!! I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT! I'm a huge sci-fi fan AND a huge Ridley Scott fan, so when I found this out I didn't want to leave! You can really see why filmmakers use Iceland for alien worlds, as it really does look and feel like you're on a different planet! The landscape is so vast and isolated that it's a perfect setting for another world.

Dettifoss waterfall


Sitting atop Selfoss!

So, day six involved visits to alien worlds and, again, many waterfalls! I think my favourite part from day six was being able to climb everywhere on Selfoss! You were literally able to go right on the edge; you could probably jump off if you wanted to, but I don't think that would be very wise. It was so nice to see a waterfall in a way not many people at home would.

I hope you've enjoyed the Day Six Iceland diary! 

Love, K :)

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