Pumpkin Picking

Thursday, 27 October 2016

I have never been pumpkin picking before, so when I saw that  friend of mine went and picked her own pumpkins, I knew I just had to go too! My sister, myself and my Mum all went to our local farm and luckily they had a 'Pick Your Own' pumpkin patch.

Me holding a pumpkin

They had LOADS of pumpkins to choose from, and there were quite a few families there too. We picked up our basket and started our hunt for our pumpkins. It was so much fun to walk through the fields and to get the chance to pick our own pumpkin, and also help out our local community by buying from a local farm! I'm definitely going to be buying from my local farm shop more often as they had an amazing range of fresh goodies in the shop.

After finding our pumpkins (I bought a medium sized one and two little ones) we bought them back into the farm shop to pay for them. Hopefully once Halloween is over, I'll make the leftover pumpkins into a soup or maybe make pumpkin pie! I'll have to have a search around on the internet fr a good recipe or two; and when I do I'll sure to post what I've made on here!

It was so much fun and I really recommend pumpkin picking to anyone and everyone! It's so much more fun then going to a supermarket and picking one from there, and plus, you're helping out your local farmers when you buy their produce! It might not be too late to pick your own pumpkins; have a little look around your local area and local farm shops to see if they've got any pumpkin patches or signs for pumpkin picking, I'm sure there are still some pumpkins waiting to be picked!

Maybe we'll all go strawberry picking in the Summer!

Love, K :)

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