Iceland Day Seven | Godafoss & Back To Reykjavik

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Day Seven of my Iceland adventure, again, mostly consisted of travelling, but rest assured we went to some AMAZING places! And yes, that includes another waterfall! I think, even though we have visited LOADS of waterfalls on our travels round Iceland, it amazes me how different they are, and how they amaze me every time. Most people would think 'oh, it's just another waterfall' but every time we went to see a different waterfall, it still managed to take my breath away!

We spent our morning in Akureyri's botanical gardens, which is the most Northern botanical garden in the world! It was a cool, crisp morning and it was so lovely spending time is such a beautiful place. The colours of the trees were spectacular, and my favourite plant/flower was their decorative cabbages that they have sprawled across the gardens!

 The next few pictures are of Godafoss, or 'The Waterfall of the Gods'. I read in one of my Icelandic fairy-tale books that the reason it's called this is because way, way back  in the year 999 or 1000, a man named Thorgeir Ljosvetningagodi Thorkelsson voted in favour of Christianity being the main religion in Iceland, over-ruling Norse Paganism. When Christianity was declared the nation new religion, Thorgeir threw his Norse idols over Godafoss waterfall, hence it being called the 'Waterfall of the Gods'.

It was very spectacular, and I loved reading and learning about it from my fairy-tale, myth and folklore books that I bought!

The rest of the dy consisted of travelling to small places and also visiting some FILMING SITES OF GAME OF THRONES! No big deal... We visited the famous cavern involving Jon Snow and Ygritte ;) 

You can really tell why Iceland is such a popular place to film! It's landscape feels so other-worldly. I could have seen them making Lord of the Rings here! In a way, it's very much like New Zealand, but just on the other side of the hemisphere!

Lastly, we visited some mud pots just off Lake Myvatn, one of the largest lakes in Iceland. It looks like some guy named Mike knows whats up...

The mud pots, much like the Geysirs, can reach up to temperatures of 100C, so it is very wise to stay at a safe distance. And again, also like the geysirs, the mud-pots spewed Sulfuric fumes, so there was a very eggy smell in the air...

This is going to be the last post of my adventures in Iceland! Even though we spent two more days in Iceland (nine days altogether) the next day (the 8th) was my birthday, and I completely forgot to take any pictures at all! And we were travelling home on the 9th day, so there wasn't many photo oppotunities, but we did go to the Blue Lagoon! WHICH WAS AMAZING!

I hope you have enjoyed these posts, and I'm looking forward to my next trip to Iceland (whenever that may be!)

If you want to see my vlogs of my time in Iceland, head over to my second Youtube channel here :)

Love, K :)

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