Hometown Sunrises

Saturday, 31 December 2016

I love my hometown, especially it's sunrises. About this time last year I woke up early and went down to my local beach and took some pictures for a film recce, and it was the most magical experience! This is something I really should do at least a few mornings a week, as it gets me out of bed early, get some exercise in for the day, and it's very relaxing and beautiful to watch the sun rise every morning.

As the year is drawing to a close, I like to take times like these to think and reflect upon what I have achieved and what I want to do in the upcoming year. I found that the walk was very mind clearing and helped me make sense of what I wanted to do in 2017; what projects I want to start, what skills I want to hone and hobbies I want take up.

I hope you all have a fantastic New Year and I hope you find some awesome New Years resolutions for yourself! Let me know what they are in the comments below!

See you next year!

Love, K :)

Small Steps To Saving The World With WWF

Sunday, 18 December 2016

About a few months ago, I finally decided to become a member of the WWF (World Wildlife Fund). From a young age I have always wanted to donate to this amazing charity and now that I earn my own money, I can, and I have!

I have always loved wildlife and nature and have always tried my best to take care of it. I remember when I was in Primary School, I got so frustrated that there was so much litter everywhere around my school that I volunteered my whole lunch-time each day to litter picking, I even managed to persuade some of my friends to join in too. We spent our lunch-times picking up litter and chatting away. Some children thought it was weird, but that didn't stop my 9 year old self!

In recent years I have embarked on a wildlife conservation trip to India, pledged to help bring into action Goal 14 & 15 of the Global Goals and currently work for a business that has created 100m2 of native woodland through the Woodland Trust to reduce our carbon footprint.

As previously stated, I love nature and the environment and I care for it with every fiber of my soul. I recently watched Leonardo DiCaprio's documentary 'Before The Flood', which finally prompted me to donate to a charity that helps the conservation and protection of this earth and the amazing animals on it. You can watch 'Before The Flood' for free on Youtube here. I really urge you to watch this as it was such an eye opening documentary and was also very interesting to see how much time and care Leonardo DiCaprio puts into awareness about climate change and other environmental causes.

As regards to the WWF, I have chosen to become a WWF member, donating a set amount each month to help conservation and animal protection. I have also chosen to adopt an Amur Leopard, an Asian Elephant and a Hawksbill Turtle, again, donating a set amount for each animal every month.

I'm so looking forward to receiving updates from the WWF about all of the work that they are doing. I really urge you to support a charity like this one! You can choose to pay a specific amount each month or there is even an option for a one off payment! You can go to the WWF's homepage here to see all about the amazing work that they do, and if you want to adopt and animal (or three, like me) you can visit this page!

Here's to hoping that we can continue to care for this planet and all of he magnificent animals on it!

Love, K :)

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