How To Be An Earlybird

Thursday, 9 February 2017

I've never been an 'earlybird', just ask my family. I've always been the one known for sleeping in till very late, and by very late I mean like midday, maybe even 1pm... I know, it's crazy, but I have stopped all of that now, and if you too have trouble being an earlybird, then I have a few tips to help you wake up a little bit earlier, tried and tested by my very own self!

  1. Sleep at the opposite end of the bed - I know this may seem a little strange, but I tried it myself and found that it really worked somehow? It links more into the tip I'm going to give next, so let's give you some context for the situation: my bed is next to my desk (others may have a bedside table), and on my desk I put my phone, laptop, assorted drinks and what-have-you, so by sleeping at the opposite end of the bed, I'm less tempted to check my phone or go on my laptop. Also, the change in where I'm sleeping really made a difference! When I woke up it was a little strange as I'm used to waking up the other end of the bed, so perhaps the slight disorientated feeling helped to waking up more alert.
  2. Put your phone away from your bed - Now, this is where the previous tip comes in. Because I now sleep the other end of the bed, I put my phone on my desk so I literally have to get out of bed to reach it, which is great if my phone is my alarm because the motion of actually getting up from bed helps me feel more awake in the morning rather than reaching for it on my desk with just my arm. 
  3. Do some bedtime yoga the night before - I love doing yoga and have found that it really helps me feel relaxed for bedtime. One of my favourite sequences is the 20 minute Bedtime Yoga Routine by Yoga With Adrienne, which you can watch here!
  4. Light a candle a few hours before bed - I love the smell of Lavender, and the scent also helps to send you off to sleep! I have a Lavender candle on my desk that I light whenever I'm writing or editing at my desk, it's also lovey to light when you're doing your bedtime yoga!
  5. Plan your day the night before - I feel that knowing what I want to achieve the next day, what my goals are and things I need to do, really helps me feel relaxed the night before. That way, I go to bed with an optimistic outlook of the approaching day. Plus, it helps to keep me on track and stay organised!
  6. Graduate your alarm - To do this, I had to discover my natural waking up time, which was about 9:45am -10am. So what I did was, the next morning I set my alarm for 9:30am, then the next morning I set it for 9:15am, and the next day, 9am... Do you see where I'm going with this? I eventually made it so that I was waking up at 7am without that groggy feeling, which is something that I have hated. I feel that this method really works because it's not a drastic change, it's gradual, and it's easy on your body clock! For those of you who are really bad at waking up in the morning, why not try setting your alarm only 10 minutes or 5 minutes earlier each day, rather than 15 minutes.

So, there are some of my tips for becoming an earlybird! These tips and tricks have really helped my become an early riser, and I am feeling more energized and excited for the day, not to mention that I am able to get a lot more done! Its amazing what you can accomplish with an extra hour or two a day!

Let me know if these tips have helped you; leave a comment in the section below!

Love, K :)

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