How I Get Into Writing Mode

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Some of you guys may know that I love writing. In fact, I've got a Tumblr blog dedicated to it - booksandenchantedthings - and I know that writing is hard, believe me, I'm struggling right now! It isn't an easy task trying to write down what's in your head; I've struggled with this for years, from in school to even trying to tell my ideas to get them across to someone. Luckily I've found some ways that help me get into the writing mode which in turn allows me to get into that 'flow mode' and the words just spill out like magic. 

I would like to say, before starting to list things that may help you nudge into 'flow', that I have recently been writing on paper, not my laptop, and it has made a MASSIVE difference to my productivity! I am achieving 'flow' a lot better and find it easier to write in general. I gave this tip to a few of my friends and they have told me that they get on so much better with their writing now!

I think a break away from a computer screen and going back to the 'old school' way is a major difference for some of us, and maybe that's why it's so effective! Right, here are my tips!
  1. Sit somewhere with no distractions! I sit at my desk when I write, that way, when I'm at my desk, my mind is like 'time to write!'. This by any means doesn't mean you can't write anywhere that isn't a desk, just find somewhere where, if you are going to be writing or a long period (1 hour +), that's cosy and you know you won't be distracted.
  2. Grab a cuppa! I always have a tea with me when I write. It makes me feel cosy and tastes amazing!
  3. Biscuits! Writing is hard work, so you're going to need some fuel! I always have a few biscuits at hand; my personal favourites are chocolate digestives.
  4. A cold drink! Yes, I'm one of those people that go to bed with a cold and hot drink and I write the same way! I always have both, just in case you fancy something cooler after you've finished your tea; you don't want to be distracted by thirst whilst writing!
  5. A good playlist! I have made a few playlists for different stories that I'm writing and I listen to them on Spotify! I create a custom playlist so I can get the feel of what the story sounds like and then I write to it. This helps me feel like I'm more in the world I'm trying to write, which I think, helps me write more vividly. 
  6. Do a quick yoga session! If you're stressed or can't seem to focus, I really do recommend a bit of yoga! I know everyone's banging on about it at the moment, but I personally find that it helps! This video is only 8 minutes long and is made to help you concentrate to get that 'flow' and helps energize your body! I really love watching these videos and the host is SUPER LOVELY and really helps connect your body, mind and spirit, putting you at ease!
  7. Time to knuckle down! This is it; the moment you've been working towards! Whether it's pen to paper or finger on a keyboard, I wish you the best of luck on your writing journey! Remember, we all have struggles and set backs, but learn to take them in your stride and with a pinch of salt and a smile! Mistakes are how we learn! 
I wish you well, young ones! See you on the other side!

Love, K :)

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