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Friday, 24 November 2017

As any other person would, I do love a good playlist, but I'm always shuffling from one playlist to the other, as they never feel what I want them to make me feel. Until now that is...

I love cinematic music and OST's (Original Sound Tracks, basically, film scores) so I've picked some of my favourites and some that feel like a good morning; the kind that makes you feel good about the day ahead and even better, excited for it.

Think 'happy-go-lucky', sweet English-ness, pancakes with maple syrup, flowers in the early sun and slow mornings. Birds singing sweetly, candyfloss skies and the soft golden light floating through your blinds. That's what this playlist is.

I'll add new songs as and when I find any worthy to be on the playlist, so keep your eyes peeled for any new additions to the mix!

The sun is gently rising above the horizon; the sky is candyfloss pink and the birds have come to sweetly sing you good-morning. It is a good morning. Relax and take your time with this beautifully selected range of cinematic sounds that make you feel rested yet ready. You've got this. Good morning... 

Here's a little infographic of the playlist for you guys to share! It hasn't got all of the songs on, unfortunately, but it does give you a taste of whats on the playlist!

I hope you guys enjoy the playlist!

Love,  K :)

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