Finding Peace In The Mornings

Monday, 4 December 2017

I have always had a love/hate relationship with mornings. I love lying in bed, all snuggled and cosy, wrapped in blankets and I hate actually getting out of bed. I love waking up and seeing beautiful, dreamy sunrises and hate that I tell myself I'm not a morning person.

Slowly, mornings have been teaching me to be present in the day. For someone who absolutley hates getting out of bed, seeing beautiful sunrises like this almost give me a sense of purpose in the morning; a reason to get up for the day.

Blurry eyed and still not fully awake, I peek out of my blinds and see this dreamy sunrise. I quickly grab my camera and my 55 - 200mm lens, throw my dressing gown on and my wellies and head out into my garden to capture the glowing rising sun. 

 Theres something that has always drawn me to sunrises and sunsets. Perhaps it's because they symbolise a new begining; a fresh start to a new day. Everyone always likes the idea of starting over again, especially if they feel like they haven't really succeeded the day before. I know its something I constantly feel; the want to start over again. But staring at this sunrise this morning, it made me feel excited to begin a new day, and this is something I rarely feel.

It felt good. 

The dusky pink hues have always drawn a sense of wonder and amazement from me. There is something about seeing the world in a early and new light that I have always found magical. Hearing birds cheep and the slight wind rustle the few leaves that Winter has spared gave me give me a feeling of calm and contentment. Time to start a new day.

I hope you have enjoyed these sunrises as much as I had. 

Love, K :)

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