A Fresh Start

Saturday, 23 June 2018

As you may have noticed, the blog is looking a little bit different...

I can't remember the last time I wrote a blog post on here, and to be completely honest with you I have really missed it. Blogging and making youtube videos have been things that I have put off for a while now - I've been trying to focus on myself for a bit, and have launched my own business (and another business blog!) so I have been quite busy recently and haven't had the time or energy to commit to other things, but I've been planning away and I'll have some more content for you guys real soon!

I want to slightly change the direction of things here and write and create content with more purpose; so I took a step back and thought a lot about the things I care about and want to share and write about.

Firstly, I care a lot about mental health and talking and being as open as I can about it. I have friends who suffer from bad mental health and have sadly had a friend take her own life because of it. I would love to create a space on this blog that is not only safe but welcoming and ready to listen. I will share my own experiences with mental health as much as I feel I can, and I hope in my experiences someone will be able to feel comfort in knowing that they're not alone in any of this.

Secondly, and on a more light-hearted note, I love reading and all things bookish so expect to still see my book reviews and recommendations! Reading is something that I encourage to anyone and everyone, so if someone stumbles onto my blog and reads about a book they would like to read themselves, well that would make my heart really happy!

I am also incredibly obsessed with all things Harry Potter and have been wanting to make a recipe series on here for Harry Potter inspired foods for so long, so expect that real soon (hopefully!).

I also love documenting any travels that I have been on and am hoping to go to Disneyland Paris at the end of the year! In the future, I would love to spend four days at Disneyland Paris and really document my time there - photographing the parks, spending time in the shops, writing blog posts about the restaurants there, vlogging and really taking my time to explore the parks, rather than just aimlessly zooming around wanting to go on every ride. Although that is probably a long way away (hopefully next year!) it's something I really REALLY want to do!

Another thing I really enjoy doing is writing stories. I have posted an ASMR story called 'The Cloak of Shadows' on my Youtube channel and really enjoyed writing it and creating the soundscapes for it, so expect to see more ASMR stories posted on here as well! 

So, those are the main things I will be posting about on here, as well as any other ramblings that I think people will enjoy reading. I can't wait to start sharing content with you all, and I hope you enjoy this new direction I'm taking with my blog and Youtube channel!

To watch my Youtube video about the changes I'll be making with my videos, click here!

Have a magical day x

Kayleigh x

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