Six Tips To Help You Sleep

Saturday, 14 July 2018

As I may have mentioned on here before, I have for a while now have had terrible trouble sleeping at night, and I thought it would be great to share a few tips with you all on what has worked for me! 

Please note that I am not a professional, and these tips are to be taken with precaution and advice from your Doctor/GP.

If you want to watch my video on my channel about this topic, click here!

  1. Moisturiser (specifically Sleepy from Lush!) - This tip, and a few more to come, kind of link in with the theme of 'routine', and I believe that this is vital for a good nights rest. Having a routine in place can really help remind your body and mind that it's time to wind down for the night. This moisturiser is perfect for dozing off because it smells incredible - it includes Lavander in its scent which is known for helping people drift off to sleep - and it also smells incredible. Also, spending a few moments away from a screen before you go to bed does wonders!
  2. Candles/Scents - This also kind of links in with the first tip. I love to spray my room with the Twilight spray from Lush as it has the same scent as the Sleepy body lotion! I find that having a scent you associate with bedtime really helpful - I guess it's similar to study tips when teachers say to use scent memory as a form of revision. Candles are also great - I find that they create such a relaxed and cosy atmosphere, but as I'm writing this in the peak of Summer, room sprays are doing me just fine in this heatwave!
  3. Read - Ah, my all-time favourite thing to do! I always tell myself to take it easy when I know I'm going to be reading at night time. Knowing my luck, I'll come across a plot twist or a really good part in the book and then I'll stay up all night reading it - but I've learned to pace myself. Reading is great for bedtime - not only does it lower your heart rate, but it calms you down, get you away from any screens and helps settles you down for the night!
  4. Fresh Sheets - ONe of the best nights sleep I ever had was when I changed my bedsheets - they smelled incredible. I have to say even though I have never experienced that same good sleep since there's nothing better than going to sleep and waking up in great smelling sheets! 
  5. Yoga - I know I probably bang on about this all the time, but this is probably the most effective sleeping aid that I have ever tried. One of my favourite videos is a bedtime routine from Yoga With Adrienne, which you can find here. It's a gentle routine that helps you drift off into a peaceful slumber - I always get a good night sleep when I've done this routine right before bed.
  6. Sleeping Aids/Tablets - Please approach this one with caution and always ask your GP/Doctor for advice before taking any kind of medication. I tried going on sleeping tablets (I used the brand Nytol) for a while and found that even though it didn't necessarily help me drift off to sleep, I found that it helped me wake up with a little more oomph than usual, which was nice.

   Out of all of these things, the remedy that was best for me was definitly the yoga and the routine of night-time. I think having a routine and sticking to it is the best way to get a good nights rest!

If you have any ways that help you drift off to sleep, let me know in the comments!

Love, K :)

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